Sunday, March 26, 2006

FEVERs are mean!

thank god i recovered from a FEVER. i hate FEVERs...they deprive me of doing lots of things.

i went to celebrate charmain's birthday with the rest of the cell grp...din ate much cos i CANT. but i ate one slice of pizza. hehehe...and jessie waste so much pineapples...olives...haiyo...LOL

aric so cute la ...he's a nice kiddo.

i just called the cant make it...2 cant confirm...1 overseas...1 din pick up...

tml is another tiring day...

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Frog in the toilet bowl
Grasshopper on the toilet seat
Bull Frog on the toilet handle
BIG BIG moth stuck at the ceiling

haha...can't shit in peace...LOL

Zach came for cell today. fun fun

i need to keep up with WISE if not i wont be WISE anymore. LOL

Saturday, March 18, 2006


cool day. had fun with the GLs. we got things done.

went KBOX with keat. we went abit crazy...i say canto songs while she sang HOKKIEN songs. damn farnie ok. i was trying to pick up some hokkien...LOL

weiting dear gave each of us a souvenier frm genting. hw sweet. muacks. i got back my CS money...hehe...

GL meeting tml. i need to know the ONE WAY dance steps SOON.

im addicted to brandon & cathie's songsssssssssss


Honour & Majesty
Glory & Power
Be to Almighty God
Be to my Father

Daddy God
It's wonderful to be with you
Daddy God
So good to be your child
Daddy God
It's wonderful to be with you

And i live to worship you with all my life

I'm in you & you're in me

Thursday, March 16, 2006

daddy god

ISOW is nice. Felt the presence of GOD strongly. it was held at paya lebar methodist church whr all the rich ppl are. many diff churches came together for this course. its so amazing to see how GOD works in each of us...there was this guy called berwin that recived the gift of tongues from the holy spirit on the 2nd day. WOOHOO! PRAISE THE LORD!

Brandon n Cathie were great with the piano n worship leading. they taught us how to make the kids worship god to do free worship...worship posture etc. RCC people rox la...the bassist esp...LOL. all the youths leading worship in children's i wish our youths can one day lead worship for the children. but we really had fun...the kids wrote 2 songs by themselves and i think it'll appear in their next album.

Praise the Lord and worship him (x4)'re amazing (x2)

Bless and honor him

this is the new song created by the kids...the other one i cant rmb the lyrics. LOL
i gt their overflow cd...want to get true love and the DVD which teaches us the actions for arise...mayb i'll ask xinru to get for me since she's going on fri for the sch of missions. Daphne, page and andrew are missionaries...and they'll be setting of to different countries on june 12 together with 4000 other kids...though i wanna go too but i got sch and i cant. :(

Ytd we were given 3 hr break and all of us went shirlie's hse. We took a bus and we met this crazy woman...she scolded us for talking so loudly.

crazy woman: why all of you must talk so loudly? Got motive is it? Speak up! Why you all stop barking alrd huh? Dun dare talk...

hello woman with depression...this is a public bus alright! breath another word again and i'll not give u face. i dun care if u're having depression or wad. thank god we are civilised people...grrrrrrrrr...

tedzu freaks me out. i screamed cos he wanted to go near me...scary...big big golden retriever. i was forced to be in the same lift as him and i stood at one corner...he wanted to pounce on me...i screamed and shirlie told him to STAY...phew~ gosh and when i went out of the lift he wanted to chase aft me so i walked faster and faster and went behind the pillar. arggggghhhhhh.... i dun noe y but tt dog jus likes me and he wants to come near me...shirl says PLAY HARD TO GET. LOL... the kids wanted to release the i sat at one corner of the sofa and made my very own fortress using pillows...thanks to xinru she kept asking tedzu to the dog came and he went amok...circulating in front of me...and i SCREAMED of course!

phew~ i like dogs but im scared of weird. but its true! oh man......

Thursday, March 09, 2006


attended first-aid course for the past 3 days...sat for 3 tests ytd with farhan senior, ky, me, daryl,etc... we passed well...grins...

well my mcq gt 23/30, and the other 2 practicals scored 100 each.LOL...happy happy...action right i know. hahahahaha...we got our cert but the licence we can only get it next week and it lasts for 3 yrs.

HEY DUN PLAY PLAY certified first-aider ar...LOL...

selected for excited and happy but the bad thing is we cant have our HOLIDAYS. not fair. im tired.

Friday, March 03, 2006

new hairstyle

my new hairstyle...haha...
before & after...


now im addicted to making dolls.
putra is complaining tt i din reply his mails cos i kept designing them...hehehehe...his in australia now and i miss him LOL!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

MARCHE dinner...

my bestest guy friend is going to australia today...kinda start missing him now..miss touching his head and disturbing him. Called him just now and chat with him...LOL...he's sitting on the toilet bowl while toking to me...faggot...haha...and he tot his friends in the cubicles bside wont hear the conversation, but he's wrong. they heard it and now all of them are laughing at him larhzzzzz....

well had fun eating dinner with the lecturers & coursemates at marche. Joked, took Pictures, etc and really had fun. We found out tt mr chu is 41 yrs & his wife is 29 yrs...12 yrs different !!! gosh but she's pretty and he doesn't look old too so its alright. she's indonesian chinese & damn pretty. who doesn't want a guy like him???? he's gt the height, the looks, the money & the achievements!!! fortunate man. gosh......went tcc and my pri sch frend gave a 15% discount happy! we dominate the whole of noisy i can say but we haf loads of fun. LOL.

i miss my coursemates...cant wait for sch to start though. most importantly i miss my lecturers. they wont be teaching us again nxt yr...hope the lecturers in yr 2 are as gd as them.

i got bullied twice today at marche!!! grrrrr....